Apple Stock News: MacBook Pro release and Release Timeline for AR Products

Apple Stock Summary:

  • Apple stock price still rising, setting new record price of 265.76 (as of November 17)
  • Apple release its new MacBook Pro, features 16- Inch screen, new keyboard design, extended battery life and more.
  • A new report from “The Information” suggests that Apple plans to introduce two Augmented Reality products in 2022 and 2023.
macbook pro
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Apple introduced its new MacBook Pro, with 16- Inch Retina Display, enhanced performance and new keyboard design

The new MacBook Pro, designed for professional users, was unveiled by apple on November 13. The main feature of the new MacBook is a larger 16- Inch screen (compared to the 15-Inch screen of the previous MacBook), designed to improve visual experience.  Another highlighted feature is the new “Magic Keyboard” design with new scissor mechanism that will replace the older butterfly mechanism that was first introduced in 2015. The new MacBook Pro also features six-speaker sound system, the latest 8-core processors, 64GB of memory, up to 8GB in VRAM and a new thermal design. Apple also extended the MacBook battery life, according to Apple, the new battery couldn’t be bigger, because its at the maximum size allowed to be taken on a plane.

macbook pro
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According to Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller, the new MacBook design and features was influenced by recent customer feedback. It was reported that customers often complained about the butterfly design keyboard and hoped for a larger screen and extended battery life. Customers were also concerned of what they perceived as a neglection of the upper end of the market, consists of customers using the Apple’s devices for professional purposes. According to Schiller, the new MacBook Pro is designated to satisfy those needs raised by customers in recent years.

The new MacBook pro is now available for pre-order, with the minimum price tag of 2,399 USD.

Apple’s Augmented Reality products might be released in 2022-2023.

A recent article in “The Information” reports that during an internal October meeting, the company’s executives discussed timelines regarding the release of two long anticipated AR products. according to sources, Apple Vice President Mike Rockwell, who’s responsible for Apple’s AR and VR initiatives, said in the meeting that Apple’s AR Headset are set to be released in 2022, and later in 2023 the company plan to release AR glasses.

macbook pro
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There have been numerous rumors related to Apple’s anticipated expansion to the AR accessories market. On one hand, the successful development of AR accessories is important for the company’s innovative component, especially after critics raised concerns about the company’s ability to present exciting new features in its main products releases, such as the iPhone and the Mac. On the other hand, there’s still a question whether consumers (and the public) will be ready for AR glasses (which will probably include small cameras), after the failure of Google Glass back in 2013.

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