Apple Stock News: Apple Files Patent For A Foldable Electronic Device

Apple Stock News

The technology Giant Apple has filed an application with the United States Patent & Trade Office for a foldable electronic device. The application states that this technology is related to any kind of electronic gadget that has a display: laptop computer, tablet computer, cellular telephone, a wristwatch, or other electronic device.

Most likely that Apple’s most popular product, the iPhone, will be the device utilizing this technology. Apple is not the first company working on a foldable phone. Samsung is expected to release a foldable smartphone in 2018. The company has been working on this project for around five years. The Galaxy X will allow users to fold, bend, and change its size to suit their needs.

Moreover, ZTE has already launched a foldable phone this year. The Axon M. has two screens and a central hinge, which allows it to fold in half and open like a book. The dual screen can work in several modes, such as traditional – folded in half and behaving like a regular smartphone, independently – each screen operates by its own, extended – as a tablet, and most impressive in a mirror mode, where the folded phone can operate a double viewing screen.

Therefore, the world’s largest market capitalization company is joining the foldable phone race. Despite not being the first to launch this technology, Apple has much more of a chance of owning the market, since ZTE’s foldable smartphone has a far less impressive dual-screen device. Unlike other companies, Apple is going all out with an actual flexible, folding screen rather than a dual-panel design.

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