Apple Stock News: Intel launches 8th Gen Core GPUs suitable for MacBooks

Apple Stock News: Intel launches 8th Gen Core GPUs suitable for MacBooks

For the latest Apple Stock News, AAPL closed at $157.21 per share on August 21th, 2017. It generated a loss of 0.29% from its previous close on August 20th, 2017, when it closed at $157.50 per share.

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12 years have been passed since Apple’s transition to Intel processors. This Monday Aug., 21st, Intel presented us 8th Gen family of chips, which can be installed in 2018 MacBook and MacBook Pros refresh.

The four processors launched yesterday, are for use in notebooks and all-in-one desktop systems. They were developed with a thermal design power (TDP) of 15 Watts, which means low temperatures during work. New chips can keep the MacBook battery life up to 10 hours and they doubled processing power of processors released five years ago.

Two new Core i7 chips, and two new i5 chips show impressive 40% speed improvement, compared to last Gen. As Intel says, due to added two extra cores to them and manufacturing process improvements.

apple stock news

Source: Intel

The new chips can handle 4K video, VR, 3D, and other recent innovations on a platform-wide level. The integrated HD 620 graphics built into the last generation of U Series processors is also getting rebranded to reflect that change in focus as UHD 620 graphics.

While it’s the “8th generation” processor family, these are not using the “Cannon Lake” architecture. In fact a refresh of “Kaby Lake”. The main aspect is that at the same price and power Intel will now be moving its product lines up to quad-cores with hyper threading. This gives a 100% gain in cores and 100% gain in threads.

Option of 32 gigabyte RAM is potentially possible in a future MacBook Pro. If Apple uses chips with a 10-nanometer architecture – “Cannon Lake”. Intel is thinking to be shipping the first of them at the start of 2018.

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