Apple Stock News: Mounting Claims for Apple Against Qualcomm

Apple Stock News

For the latest Apple Stock News, AAPL closed at $145.01 on Tuesday, June 20th, 2017. It had a loss of 0.91% from its previous close of $146.34 per share.

The lawsuit between Apple and Qualcomm Inc. is never-ending, with Apple adding allegations to an already filed complaint. The latest claim from Apple is that there’s mounting evidence that Qualcomm is operating an “illegal business model.”

Apple are claiming that Qualcomm hasn’t fulfilled its obligation to charge fair and reasonable rates on patents related to industry standards.

Qualcomm’s current structure sees it sell chips as well as license its technology. A U.S Supreme Court ruling in May limited the ability of patent owners once the product has sold.  Apple wants to argue that Qualcomm is essentially getting paid twice for the same invention. Qualcomm revolutionised the way mobile devices communicate, although to receive royalties on all facets of the technology would be unfair and unreasonable according to Apple.

In more AAPL stock news, Swedish giant Ikea has jumped board to use ARKit, Apple’s platform to help with advanced Augmented Reality capabilities. Customers will have the ability to see how IKEA products look within their home through realistic 3D renders. The stock continues to fluctuate, with a bullish out-look for Apple still remaining.

Keep checking back for more news regarding AAPL. For Full AAPL forecasts and investment advice by our state of the art algorithm click here.

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