Apple Stock News: Apple Looking into Health To Monitor Sugar Level

Apple Stock News

For the latest Apple Stock News, AAPL closed at $141.80 on Wednesday, April 12, 2017. It had a gain of 0.12% from its previous close of $141.63 per share.

Apple Stock News

Apple has been investing in health, as previously stated in an I Know First article.  Apple Watch Series 2 has been used as a fitness and health monitor by Apple’s customers.  Now, Apple is working to expand its products capabilities to monitor glucose.  This could be beneficial to those looking to monitor their sugar intake, especially diabetic patients. There are over 370 million with diabetes, thus the market potential can be rewarding.

Currently, diabetes patients use a device that takes blood samples.  As the process can be tiring and painful, Apple is seeking to find an alternative pain-free method.  A method without having to puncture through the skin.  Apple maybe developing an optical sensor that could measure through the skin the sugar level of the user, without necessary drawing blood.

The research and development for such a feature will take a considerable amount of time and significant investment.

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