Apple Stock News: Apple Releases iOS 10.3

Apple Stock News

For the latest Apple Stock News, AAPL closed at $140.88 on Monday, March 27, 2017. It had a gain of 0.32% from its previous close of $140.45 per share.  The stock increased as the general market recovered from its initial drop.

Apple Stock News


As a leader in the high tech industry, Apple continues to innovate and update new and current products.  Today, Apple users are anxious to learn of Apple’s release of its latest operating system, iOS 10.3. The question is, what will be different of Apple’s latest version?

The iOS 10.3 will benefit both users and developers.  After Apple released its latest wireless headphones, AirPods, customers found it difficult to locate them if they went missing.  Apple resolved this issue with the iOS 10.3.  Users will now be able to locate their AirPods by using the “Locate My iPhone” app.  Not only will the AirPods emit a noise, but the app displays a map where the AirPods are located.  The iOS 10.3 will also feature, Apple File System.  Files will now offer stronger encryption and optimized for flash and SSD storage.

Developers will also benefit from the updated iOS.  Apple has now allowed developers to make changes to apps at anytime, instead of submitting an update.  In addition, developers may now respond to customer reviews in iOS App Store. Thus, bringing developers and users closer to address issues or concerns.


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