Apple Stock News: Apple Acquires Workflow

Apple Stock News

pexels-photo-25861For the latest Apple Stock News, AAPL closed at $140.43 on Friday, March 24, 2017. It had a loss of 0.20% from its previous close of $140.64 per share.

Apple made headlines with the acquisition of Workflow. Although terms are not yet known, Workflow is an app that automates frequently performed actions on its devices. It was only a matter of time, with Workflow receiving an Apple Design award in 2015 for its “outstanding” accessibility features. Additionally, it is expected the app will be used to help the functionality of Apple’s voice over assistant, Siri.

In other Apple related news, the new iPad has recently been made available for pre-order. Interesting to note is the price point, $329, making it the cheapest retina display device released by Apple to date. Some are surprised at Apple’s seemingly low price point and decrease in gross profit margins. No need to be alarmed though, as the iPad is seen as a recurring revenue stream. Due to the nature of the device, users must download and purchase applications from the App Store. With Apple’s latest push to increase their service revenue, it comes as no surprise.

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