Apple Stock News: A Look Into iPhone 8

Apple Stock News

For the latest Apple Stock News, AAPL closed at $119.04 on Friday, January 13, 2017 with a 0.18% loss, or $0.21 from its previous close of $119.25 per share. AAPL stock may have dropped, but 2017 should be a bullish year for the technology company.

Apple Stock News

After Apple’s disappointing performance with iPhone 7, expectations for iPhone 8 are already circulating. Supposedly, the entire front of the new smartphone will be a screen with no home button or edges exposed. The new futuristic look would replace the traditional home button with a touch-sensitive digital button. Samsung’s popular OLED display will also be adopted in the new phone, enhancing colors at a faster rate than LED. iPhone 8 is anticipated to move into “forged steel” or “metal forging” which would result in stronger metal than the current aluminum. This pressurized metal would be clinched between a two-sided ‘all-glass look.’ Though, this is is not the first time Apple has attempted this glass casing. Last time we saw this was when iPhone 4 and 4s were introduced. The opportunities of wireless technology are also expanded due to the glass casing. Apple has reported that more wireless charging options in the iPhone should be released in 2017. Because of Apple’s 10 year anniversary, the release of the new iPhone is predicted to make a big entrance. The appearance date of the iPhone 8 may hold to tradition, in the month of September, or it may surprise consumers and be released early on June 29, marking the date the first iPhone was released.

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