Apple Stock News: iPhone 8 Uncertainty

Apple Stock News

For the latest Apple Stock News, AAPL closed at $110.52 on Wednesday, November 30th, with a 0.84% loss, or $0.94 from its previous close of $111.45 per share.

Apple Stock News

While news of the iPhone 8 seems exciting, as each new release tends to be, investors are taking a step back due to iPhone 7 sales. While the iPhone 8 may be revolutionary and may have upgrades that could change how phones are built and used, the idea that Apple products are less appealing than they used to be is becoming a possible phenomena. The iPhone 7 and the recent release of the new MacBook Pros are evidence of the shift, with their lackluster sales. However, this upcoming year is the year many iPhone users receive an upgrade from their cell phone providers, phasing out the iPhone 4/S, 5/S, and possibly even 6/S/Plus.

Most subscription based cell phone providers only allow customers to upgrade their phone every two years, which would mean that 2018 and 2019 will be a problem for Apple. However, companies such as Sprint are beginning to change their upgrade programs to every year. Sprint currently has a plan entitled “iPhone Forever,” where their customers can upgrade their iPhone every year. This may eliminate the two year upgrade problem that Apple currently faces. This could positively affect AAPL shares in the future because more units will be moved with new  and easier ways to attain an iPhone.

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