Apple Stock News: Apple App Store Seeing Increase In Sales

Apple Stock News

For the latest Apple Stock News, AAPL closed at $111.03 on Wednesday, December 7, 2016 with a 1.01% gain, or $1.11 from its previous close of $109.47. per share.  Apple stock rose along with the major indexes, as the S&P 500 reaches a new all-time high.

apple stock news

As the holiday season approaches, Apple is receiving its holiday greetings early, by registering increasing sales figures.  In our previous article on December 4, 2016, Apple’s iPhone activation increased by 13% since Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Just as Apple is enjoying retail sales, its fastest growing division, services, is growing as well.  Apples services division is the company’s fastest growing source of revenue.  The past two quarters were its best.  Last month in November, Apple Store sales were the highest ever.  If Apple can achieve this milestone last month, this leaves investors wondering how much higher Apple’s sales would be for this month of December for the holidays?

Perhaps a reason for Apple’s success in services can be attributed to its $10 billion investment in Research and Development.  Apple released a new easier to learn coding language, Swift, and improved its developer’s platform, Swift Playgrounds.

Keep checking back for more news regarding AAPL. For Full AAPL forecasts and investment advice by our state of the art algorithm click here.

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