Apple Stock News: Disappointing Black Friday Sales

Apple Stock News

For the latest Apple Stock News, AAPL closed at $111.57 on Monday, November 28th, with a 0.20% loss, or $0.22 from its previous close of $111.57 per share.


Stifel Nicolaus and Raymond James Financial Inc. recently lowered AAPL from a “buy” rating to a “hold” rating while other financial institutions have reiterated their “buy” rating on AAPL stock. With the lackluster growth in AAPL recently, it’s understandable why ratings may start to go down.

After Black Friday, Apple should have gone up but instead AAPL has continued to decline. Last year on Black Friday, which was November 27, 2015, AAPL closed at 117.81 with a loss of $6.24 for this years Black Friday. This could possibly mean that Apple products are starting to lose their appeal and sales are beginning to slow down after years of continuous growth.

Interestingly, Liberty Capital Management Inc. and Zurich Insurance Group Ltd FI raised their stake on AAPL with $3,724,000 invested by Liberty Capital and 11,582 newly purchased by Zurich. As of now, there seems to be contradictory ideas on how AAPL is performing, but AAPL will eventually rebound, which is a possible reason why the larger investment companies are buying up shares.

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