Apple Stock News: Bigger is Better

Apple Stock News

For the latest Apple Stock News, AAPL closed at $108.64 on Friday, November 13th, with a 0.59% gain, or $0.64 from its previous close of $107.79 per share.  The stock rose as reports indicate Macbook Pro sales may be better than expected.  The Macbook Pro in its first five days outsold the 12 inch Macbook in the same time frame after its release on April 2015.  Apple earned revenue seven times the amount as the 12 inch Macbook.

Apple Stock News

Much like the Macbook Pro, it appears the iPad will be redesigned.  Apple could be releasing its biggest iPad ever.  Sales for the iPad peaked in 2014.  However, Apple has seen its sales for the iPad decrease since then.  As the iPhone became more advanced and its screen larger, customers were finding the iPad to be less relevant.  The iPhone is consistently outselling the iPad.  One of the reasons may be that people typically replace their iPhones at a faster pace than their iPads.  The iPhone has been Apple’s top selling item and among the highest profit-margin products.

In an attempt to revitalize the iPad, Apple is releasing three new iPad Pro models. The iPad Pro will feature a larger screen, up to 12.7″ display.  Besides a larger screen, the new models may feature a dubbed ultrasonic imaging.  This feature could be used to recognize a more accurate print through the glass display and replace the current standalone fingerprint scanner.


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