Apple Stock News: Hello Again Macbook

Apple Stock News

For the latest Apple Stock News, AAPL closed at $117.12 on Wednesday, October 19th, with a 0.30% loss, or $0.35 from its previous close of $117.47 per share.

Apple’s stock has been rising in the past partly due to Samsung’s Note 7 recall.  As a result, many speculated a deterrence in Samsung’s customer loyalty.  However, a report revealed 80 to 90% of Samsung customers returning the Note 7, are more likely to seek another Samsung device as its replacement.

“Hello Again” is the tag line that is leading many to speculate.  Speculation leads to anticipation. And anticipation leads to excitement.  Apple is announcing the first look of new Mac computers at a press event on October 27, 2016.  What is Apple planning?  Moreover, how will the new Mac computers differ from its predecessors?

Apple Stock News

Besides releasing the ultra thin Macbook last year and reporting two quarters of sliding sales, perhaps now is the time for an overhaul of Apple’s Macbook product line.  Surprisingly, Macbooks are now outselling iPads. Steve Job speculated upon the iPad’s release in 2010 to be a “post-PC” device.  The new Macbooks are rumored to offer the following changes.  The Macbooks will be thinner and contain a more advanced graphics card from AMD.  In addition, the new Macbooks will have their USB ports and Magsafe power cord replaced with USB-C connectors and Thunderbolt connections.  Perhaps the most exciting feature expected is a touch sensitive OLED secondary display used to simply keyboard shortcuts.  With rumors of having a touchscreen strip, to introducing new features, one thing is for certain.  This will convince shoppers to hold off buying Macbooks until the announcement of the new line of computers.

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