Apple Stock News: Taking Risks in New Hands-Off Endeavours

Apple Stock News

For the latest Apple Stock News, AAPL closed at $106.10 on Wednesday, August 31, with a gain of 0.38%, or $0.40 from Apple’s previous closing.

Latest updates on Apple Inc:


In Japan, where e-money payments have been slow to grow, Apple Inc. is announcing a new initiative with Sony’s FeliCa, a mobile tap-to-pay standard technology, used currently primarily in rail pass purchases. Apple hopes to expand the usage of e-money through Apple Pay, found on their iPhones. This would entice more people in Japan  to buy iPhones, a huge plus for Apple as they have had global sales for the iPhone declining for the past few quarters. Although in general japanese people tend to carry large sums of physical cash on hand, as crime rate is historically low as well negative interest rates currently hurt money stored in banks; Apples hopes to change the trend.  Japan has already expanded their mobile payment networks over 7 times, since 2007; with 1.9 million terminals, larger the U.S.’s 1.3 million terminals.

As the the saying goes, “Cash King”, is ever so prevalent in Japan, today. Therefore, Apple will need to adjust their revenue model accordingly, to increase Apple Pay usage; translating into an increase in iPhone sales, as retailers and people become more accustomed to the usage.

iPhone 7 News Update: 

Apple Stock News

More leaks regarding new features in the iPhone 7, reveal that Apple Inc will be removing the headphone jack, and replacing it with wireless, “Apple AirPods”. As Apple attempts to increase sales in Apple branded equipment and increase the premium aurora of the iPhone, they will replace the standard headphones with new ones using bluetooth technology, as well as a more premium audio experience incorporating Beats audio technology. Although Apple may add an adaptor of some sort, to allow for other headphones to pair with the iPhone, the end goal is similar to that of other past changes to new iPhone models. This would be to increase sales through synergy efforts of Apple specific add-ons to the iPhone, which makes-up the largest percentage of Apple’s revenue.


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