Apple Stock Prediction: Summary

Apple Stock Prediction

  • Apple released its 3rd quarter earnings at market’s close on Tuesday, July 26
  • The information disclosed shocked investors with much stronger earnings than predicted and sent Apple’s stock soaring
  • Even before the earnings call, I Know First was thinking ahead to Q4 and wondered what others were predicting
  • I Know First is currently bullish on AAPL for the long term

What do analysts and brokers project for Apple for Q4?

Apple Stock PredictionSome are sceptics: “We believe that Apple stock price is largely dependent on the success of its iPhone 7 launch later this year. Perhaps, the biggest disappointment at Apple has been the CEO Tim Cook’s lack of innovation during his 5-year tenure. Only truly new product was the Apple iWatch that has turned out to be a sales dud.” said Jay Srivatsa, an equity analyst.

Others are positive :”I think the car is being downplayed far too much […] Cook said that the number of users switching from Android to Apple over the past 9 months is at an all-time high. ” […]” Service revenue saw a big uptick as well this quarter and I expect to see that trend to continue going forward. I would recommend Apple as a buy and I am currently long the stock.” said Michael Cirelli, a Financial Advisor.

“We think the stock will benefit from multiple expansion as the market turns favorable on AAPL’s future. To us, the time feels right to buy into AAPL stock.” said L&F Capital Management, a quantitative investment management group.

What is I Know First point of view ?

I Know First was bullish before and remains bullish on AAPL after the earnings report. Now, after Apple surpassed expectations, I Know First continues to predict Apple to experience positive growth. Below are I Know First’s predictions for the 1-month, 3-month, and 1-year time spans. The forecast is from July 27, 2016, just one day after Apple released their earnings report.

Apple Stock Prediction

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