Apple Stock News: Recap of Apple and Outlook for Future

Apple Stock News

For the latest Apple Stock News, AAPL closed at $108.51 on Monday, August 22, with a fall of 0.40%, or $0.44 from Apple’s previous closing.

Here are the latest updates for Apple Stock News:

Apple is said to be releasing three new iPhone models this upcoming year, with one being a premium brand iPhone. Although many are excited about what the new iPhones will have to offer, many investors are becoming a bit skeptic, with analysts expecting sales for the iPhone to be down this upcoming quarter, as they have been decreasing for the past two quarters. Apple has had trouble to generate demand abroad specifically in China, where sales are down 33% year on year.

Apple Stock News

In addition to rumors about what Apple will be releasing, a huge milestone is occurring this week, being Tim Cooks’ Five-Year Anniversary. Although many people are debating whether Tim Cook is a better and more innovative CEO than Steve Jobs; no one can deny the facts. During the past Five-Years, under his leadership, APPL has increased 105%, while the SP500 has only increased 88% during the same period, a premium of 17% for Apple investors. Although Apple is currently in a bit of a rut, with sales declining over harsher regulation in China and not enough generated demand for the iPhones globally, Tim Cook; has surpassed expectations of taking the reign from a “founder-led company.” He has not only maintained Apple’s image but has even boosted it to being the world’s most valuable company.

Additional news revolve around Buffet, who is becoming increasingly optimistic of APPL, with his current $1.5 Billion stake in the company. He believes that although it may not grow as fast as it has in the past, it still will grow almost at 9% on a yearly basis. Buffet, like many giants in the activist investment world, grabs opportunities while the market is volatile and people are nervous. This is a huge reason for his investment into Apple, whereas it is a value firm, that has room to grow.

Keep checking back for more news regarding APPL.

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