“Watch” Out for the Latest Apple Innovations

Apple Stock News

For the latest Apple Stock News, AAPL closed at $98.66 on Friday, July 21st, a decrease of 0.77% from Apple’s previous closing. Apple’s stock price has been steadily recovering since the announcement of Brexit on June 24th and is nearing its 3 month high.

Apple Stock News

Regarding the Apple Watch, sales are down 55% from the previous year. However, the latest Apple Watch accessory comes just in time for the Olympics in Rio. The limited edition watchbands will feature the colors of 14 different countries. The catch is that these limited edition bands will only be available in August in Apple’s Barra da Tijuc store near Rio de Janeiro. Also, pertaining to the Apple Watch, Apple secured 2 more design patents for its Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock this past week.

Apple announced that Pokémon Go has broken a major App Store record. While Pokemon Go is not available in most countries, it still broke the record for having the most downloads in its first week available.

We’ve been hearing for some time rumors about Apple replacing the standard headphone jack with a lightning port for the upcoming iPhone 7.  This has upset many devoted iPhone users who don’t want to give up their favorite headphones or have to purchase an adaptor to use their standard headphones in a lightning port. Reportedly, with every iPhone 7 purchase, Apple will be sending a dongle so that you don’t need to go to the extra expense to connect your iPhone to your favorite pair of headphones. Rumor has it that the release date of the iPhone 7 is the week of September 12. Apple hasn’t confirmed the release date at this point in time.

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