Apple Stock News: IOS 10 and Other Tech Updates

Apple Stock News

In the latest Apple Stock News, on Friday, July 8th, Apple’s stock (AAPL) closed at $96.68, an increase of 0.77% from the day before. Apple’s stock price has been on the rise since Monday, June 27th.

Apple Stock News

Here is some recent news about Apple:

Apple IOS 10 for iPhones will improve for the end user. It will have more information from the screen lock view. The iPhone will be more in sync with your computer, enabling viewing what you see on your computer right from your phone. iPhones will automatically know where you parked your car. Users will be able to send GIF messages and selfies directly through iMessage and short videos will be automatically created from the stored photo albums. IOS 10 gives users the ability to delete the pre-downloaded apple apps. IOS 10 is currently available in a beta version for non- developers and as a developer beta version. In September 2016 both IOS 10 and iphone 7 are expected to launch.

iPhone sales dropped during June 2016. In the same time period Samsung’s Galaxy sales steadily increased. Since the launch of the first iPhone, sales have been hyper inflating year after year at a rate too high to sustain. It created a bubble that may be about to pop. Consumers became interested in buying phones from competitors such as Samsung. Despite the product being similar, Samsung tends to offer more discounts and promotional deals, making Samsung appear to be a better value.

Sales have decreased in China, which is Apple’s second largest market. Due to the Chinese government wanting control of information, Apple is having difficulty expanding their product sales in China. Apple allows users to have privacy with information on their devices.

Apple Stock News

Apple updated the technology used in their music division, iTunes, that is applicable on Android devices. This update in software solves two issues. The first of the resolved issues is that the first few seconds of music are no longer skipped. The second is that albums played with iTunes on Androids now appear in the correct order.

Apple is encouraging organ donation. Not as many Americans are donating organs as have in the past. Apple is including registration to donate organs as part of the iPhone IOS 10 software. The organ shortage touches home for Apple as former CEO Steve Jobs had a liver transplant before passing away due to cancer in 2011. Apple recognizes that many people cannot afford to leave the United States for an organ transplant.

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