Apple Stock News: Apple’s Incredible Campus 2 in New Drone Flyover

Apple Stock News

According to the latest news, construction of Apple’s new headquarters is in a quick progress and is one step closer to reality with its incredible drone flyover. The campus resembles a spaceship because of its circular design and heavy usage of glass. Apple brought the best engineering ideas into this astonishing construction that will house 12,000 employees, feature more than 7,000 trees and 700,000 square feet of solar panels.

Famous British architect Sir Norman Foster designed the 2.8 million square foot facility located in Cupertino, California. The Campus is expected to be competed by 2017 and its estimated cost is around five billion dollars. This incredible construction resembles amazing Greenpeace high-tech city. Spaceship building is more than a mile in length and it is going to include 30,000 square feet of research facilities. It will have underground tunnels, parking, restaurants, and much more. In addition, according to Apple VP of Environmental Initiatives, around eighty percent of the site will be dedicated to green space.

Apple Stock News

In addition, construction will include 1,000-seat auditorium and 100,000 square foot fitness center. According to a Bloomberg interview with Peter Arbour, working in Seele, a company, which is behind the glass staircases in Apple, stores globally, there is “something like six kilometres of glass.” The campus will be power-independent and will have its own “on-site low carbon central plant”. It is worth noting that Apple is intending to use one hundred percent renewable energy at its facilities. Check out the progress of campus construction that is still far from complete in this five-minute video, posted by Matthew Roberts, tracking the progress of Apple on the way to completing its astonishing Campus 2.



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