Apple Stock News: Apple Services Offline For Hours

Apple Stock News

Apple Services Offline For Hours

Users of Apple products experienced an outage of several services last Thursday starting around 3pm EDT. The outage affects those that use the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Services that were down included iCloud, the Apple Store, Photos app, and Apple TV.

Apple Stock News

Problems appear to have started with the iCloud Music Library and then spread to encompassed essentially all Apple-run internet services.

Some services, such as the App Store, had been restored by 6pm that night and all services were reported to be back online within approximately 7 hours of the outage.

A similar outage in March was reportedly caused by an issue with a DNS server, the computer that tracks where data is being stored. It is still unclear as to what caused this outage, Apple has not released any further information at this point.

Investors are concerned about this type of malfunctions mainly because it devaluates the stock price and against all odds they expect some rebounding after this event.


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