Apple Stock News: The Apple Watch 2 Is Coming

Apple Stock News

Many are anticipating the release of the Apple Watch 2 in the upcoming WWDC 2016 event. The first Apple Watch was released roughly a year ago and now seems like a timely date to release the updated version.

The new Apple watch is though to have a similar design to Apples first watch, however it will be approximately between 20 and 40 percent thinner. Additionally, the watch will include a camera in which the user can FaceTime other Apple devices. The camera will obviously also be able to record videos and take pictures.

apple stock news

Moreover, the watch will have a faster Wi-Fi feature with an improved processing chip. This will in turn let the device process data faster.

Many complained about the first generation Apple Watch which had poor battery life. Apple are keen to tackle this problem and will certainly make a significant attempt to rectify this. Central to this process could be including a larger battery in the next generation smartwatch, and reports have suggested that this will indeed be made possible by using a slimmer display in the Apple Watch 2.

The Apple Watch 2 is will also include cellular connectivity, which would vastly improve the range of functions the watch is capable of when not directly pared to an iPhone unit. The New York Times has reported that Apple Watch 2 buyers will be able to choose from either 3G or 4G connectivity, with consumers apparently paying for a data plan in order to use this particular function.

Apple will also likely include an improved health tracking feature. The option is thought to be a aimed at athletics and many are excited about this specific feature.

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