Apple Stock News: CEO Tim Cook Talks About His Vision For The Indian Market

Apple Stock News

Apple CEO Tim Cook met with India’s Prime Minster Narendra Modi earlier this week and highlighted his vision of the company penetration into the Indian market.

apple stock news

Tim Cook meets Indian Prime Minster Narendra Modi in New Delhi.

“Cook shared Apple Inc.’s future plans for India,” according to a statement from the Indian government on Saturday. “He spoke of the possibilities of manufacturing and retailing in India.”

In the interview, Cook outlines his plans to set up many flagship stores in India, as well as a new office which will be solely dedicated to Apple Maps.

Cook also highlighted his innovative idea of selling pre-owned iPhones to the Indian public as well as improving cellular coverage in order to cement more Indians into Apple devices. Currently, much of the Indian mobile phone market is dominated by Andriod powered devices.

Although Cook used iPhone venture may not go ahead, there has been heavy criticism by local manufactures. Cook acknowledges this by stating in his interview that “We have not been given the green light,” when asked about this venture.

India is a market where most phones are bought outright and aren’t subsidized by carriers through calling plans. Moreover, the cellular market is becoming increasing saturated and the Indian population is feeling less inclined to upgrade their smartphones.


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