Apple Stock News: Useful Tips For Selling Your Old iPhone

Apple Stock News

Useful Tips For Selling Your Old iPhone

There is no need to wait until your old iPhone gets broken in order to buy a new version of it. Sell your old iPhone and save money for the new more powerful gadget. It is possible to receive nice compensation for your old iPhone from Apple, a third-party buy-back company or eBay. We offer few options that might help you get the most money for you old gadget.

Apple Stock News

Before you start selling you iPhone just make few preparatory steps. Wipe all data from your gadget so that the new owner won’t get access to your personal details. Make sure your private data such as photos, videos, notes, search history in browser and contact list are fully erased. On the apple website you can find detailed instruction how to remove personal information from your device. Make sure to find and gather together all of the cables and accessories that came in original box. In case you are planning to sell on eBay do not forget to mention that your iPhone comes with all cables and packaging.

Apple itself offers quite good prices as well. On the company’s website you can find more information about Apple’s Program that allows customers to trade in their old iPhones. Fortunately Apple accepts a wide variety of devices such as iPhone 5s, 5c, 5, 4s, and 4. You can also get a good sum of money from Apple or third-party companies for your old iPhone if you managed to keep your iPhone in good condition. You can also sell it on eBay. It is important to take in account that you decide to sell through the online auction site you will have to pay eBay and PayPal fees on top of postage. Whatever decision you make, changing you old gadget to one of the new amazing models of iPhone SE is just s great idea. Read our review of iPhone SE.

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