Apple Stock News: Apple’s Fight With the DOJ Finally Over

Apple Stock News

The ongoing battle between Apple, Inc. and the United States Department of Justice (DoJ) has finally come to an end after months of back-and-forth over the company’s privacy concerns. On February 16th, a U.S. judge ordered Apple to give the government “reasonable technical assistance” in recovering the information from the phone of Syed Rizwan Farook, the shooter responsible for the December 2nd attacks in San Bernardino, California.

Apple Stock News

Apple, Inc. executives refused to participate in the investigation, vowing to protect the personal data of their customers. CEO Tim Cook claimed in a letter to customers that was posted to the company’s website that such action would create a precedent for the government to demand that Apple aid in the interception of personal messages and surveillance software, at least one government official denied such claims.

The DoJ has officially decided to drop the lawsuit against Apple, claiming that the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) was able to unlock the iPhone with the help of a third party. The government did not release specifics on the technique that was used to hack the iPhone or the organization that helped them do so. Apple responded that the company will continue to help law enforcement with investigations, but that the company is equally dedicated to personal data protection and increasing the privacy of their customers’ personal information.

Read more about the clash between Apple and the DoJ — here



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