Apple Stock News: Going Back to Pocket Size

Apple Stock News

 Pocket Size iPhone SE  is available for order starting from today.

The smartphones got definitely bigger in their size, however, it looks like acceptable size limit has been reached and the audience starts returning to the smaller gadgets. Despite the fact that big screens provide users with absolutely incomparable digital experience, the shift to the convenient gadget was pretty much obvious.

Apple Stock News

Apple’s new iPhone SE is the first one made for everybody who “returns to the masterpiece of design”. The shift to the small phones is an acknowledgment that picking a smartphone should be like choosing shoes. As much as you cannot go out wearing uncomfortable shoes, it is hard to have a phone that does not fit your jeans pocket. Despite new iPhone SE might feel tiny for those who already shifted to bigger gadgets, it still got its unarguable advantages.

Apple announced that the iPhone SE would be available to order today on March 24. While the shipments and in-store sales will start on March 31, in the United States, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, United Kingdom and in few other countries. The new IPhone SE got Apple’s best phone processor and camera into a width of 2.3 inches. The battery life of the devise is significantly prolonged as well. These and many other innovations  are stored in one gadget that can be purchased for Apple’s lowest-starting price $399.

However, investors start realizing that Apples fast-growing days are coming to the end and it is unclear whether IPhone SE will be enough to get Apple market back on track. Since the shares went significantly down from the all-time high of $134.54 by 21% it is clear that Apple stock shares are not performing as good as before. According to analysts the adjusted earnings are expected to drop in 2016. However, investors still have great hopes for this new gadget that got better size for hand.

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