Apple Stock News: Fourth-Generation Apple TV

Apple Stock News

Earlier this week Apple launched an advert which showed the fourth-generation Apple TV. The Apple advert focuses on the new Apple TV and shows the brilliant use of its Siri Remote that comes with the set-top box.

The 60-second advert, entitled “The Kiss’, features stars Alison Brie and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.  The two actors are attempting to replicate an on-screen kiss, using Siri to rewind a specific movie scene. On the fourth-generation Apple TV, asking Siri questions like “What did she say?” or “Rewind 10 seconds” will automatically replay a scene from the television show or movie.

Apple Stock News

The Ad highlights Apple’s trend of portraying Apple TV as “The Future of Television”, since the launch of the device in October of 2015.  Apple has been heavily promoting its produce through a range of different adverts and billboard. The ad following Apple announcing its first original TV series.

The advert highlights the ability of Siri to synchronize with Apple TV thus giving it the ability for voice control orders. As the adverts demonstrate to fast forward, change camera angles and switch to Apple music.


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