Apple Stock News: Apple Introduces Newest Products and Updates

Apple Stock News

Ongoing case with the FBI, new product launch, environmental goals

Apple had their spring launch event yesterday, March 21st, where they addressed their ongoing battle with the FBI concerning personal data protection, announced new products and prices drops, and mentioned the environmental goals for the company.

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Apple’s Battle with the FBI

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook opened the company’s spring launch event by addressing the ongoing battle they are facing with the FBI to assist in unlocking the iPhone of the alleged assailant in the San Bernardino terror attack from December 2015. Cook reiterated Apple’s commitment to protecting the privacy and personal data of its customers saying that the company, “will not shrink from this responsibility.”

New Products, Plus Updates on Old Products

Introducing: All-New iPhone SE

This newest phone being released in the iPhone series is essentially the flagship iPhone 6s in a smaller body. The iPhone SE contains the processing power and graphics capabilities of the iPhone 6s plus a 12-megapixel iSight camera with the same 4-inch screen as the older iPhone 5 models. Also included is the live photos feature, Apple pay, and the new iOS 9.3 that was also introduced at the event. One drawback is the lack of 3D Touch, but with the smaller size and lower prices consumers may not see that as such a problem. The phones are starting at $399 for the 16GB version with a 64GB model at $499.

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Introducing: New iPad Pro (mini)

Apple’s newest iPad release is mirroring the updates made on the iPhone SE, specifically in regards to size. The newest iPad Pro will feature a 9.7-inch screen with an increased contrast ratio and improvements to make the screen less reflective and brighter than past models. Other key features include a pressure-sensitive display, four corner-mounted speakers and an Apple Pencil. Prices start at $599 (32 GB) with 128GB and 256GB versions available for $749 and $899.

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Updates: Apple Watch

No new software updates were announced for the Apple Watch, but there is some news regarding the company’s wearable tech product. New wristbands made from woven nylon are now available in a variety of colors, plus new sport and leather bands also available in a range of colors. Perhaps the most exciting update surrounding the Apple Watch is its new lower price. The Apple Watch will now be available starting at just $299, $50 cheaper than it was previously.

Operating System Update: iOS 9.3

The key feature of this newest operating system is called Night Shift, which shifts the screens display to warmer colors at night. Research has shown that the blue light from computer and phone screens can make it harder for people to fall asleep at night, so Apple has created this feature to improve the user experience. Additionally, updates to the Notes app include new password protected capabilities to protect personal notes. Other popular apps also have new updates and Siri has been updated with new language capabilities.

Environmental Awareness

A small portion of the hour-long launch event was dedicated to discussing the company’s work to reduce its environmental impact. Apple’s VP of Environment proudly announced that the company’s facilities in 23 countries, including China and the U.S., are run on 100% renewable energy, with 93% of its facilities worldwide being run as such. Additionally, she reported that 99% of its packaging is now being made from recycled paper. Finally, Apple showed off its new R&D project, a robot that is designed to deconstruct old iPhones to produce reusable materials.

Conclusion: Investor and Consumer Reactions

Investors and consumers alike appear to be underwhelmed by the newest products and updates presented at the event yesterday. Some analysts are contributing this to the apparent lack of innovation, with the company looking backwards, at older product features, rather than looking forward as they are known to do. Apple stock dropped slightly for the day, by just 1%, showing that investors were not inspired to purchase AAPL shares. The newest products will be available for pre-order on Thursday, the 24th, and will be in stores on March 31st.

Apple Stock News

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