Apple Stock News: Is It Time To say Good Bye to SIRI?

Apple Stock News

Apple has announced that it purchased Emotient, a San Diego maker of facial expression recognition software that can detect emotions to assist advertisers, retailers, doctors and many other professions.

Apple Stock News


Although Apple refused to say what it plans to do with the start-ups it has acquired, analysts think they could be incorporated into improving Siri or developing augmented or virtual reality products.

In the field of Artificial Intelligence, nobody wants to fall asleep. Obviously, Apple is not an exception. The purchase comes because of the interest in technology that works with the big data which relies on algorithms powered by troves of data to bridge the gap between computers and natural human thinking.

This technology is used to identify how the customers act and it is very important not only in the marketing world but also in technology devices. Are we in the entrance of a new software that would understand our behaviour and help us to choose the best option?

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