Apple Stock News: Is Apple Trying to Acquire Time Warner?

Apple Stock News

Early reports from the New York Post  have come in saying that Apple is eyeing a potential acquisition from the cable company Time Warner, in order for them  to help with their pending stream tv service.

apple stock news

The acquisition would definitely be expensive. In order to buy Time Warner,  the cost would equally be worth rough $100 per share. In total it could cost over $80 billion dollars. That would be a lot of money even for Apple.

Acquiring Time Warner would make sense on a lot of levels. It would give Apple, CNN, Time Warner Sports,  HBO, Warner Bros. and more. Not only would these properties help launch the TV service, but it could also lure other networks into joining as well.

It is important for Apple that the tv service  succeed.  The stock has been down trending and has declined 21.55% in the past seven months. iPhone sales have been down, and Apple is hoping the streaming service will become one of their top products.

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