Apple Stock News: How Apple Won The Holiday Season

Apple Stock News

This was the season to be jolly… especially if you are in Apple investor. Apple dominated  holiday season sale by being by far the biggest winner among all device manufacturer, with 49.1% of the market share.

apple stock news

While Apple having the most sales, out of all the device manufacturers is nothing new, given the fact that they weren’t selling anything new for the holidays, and still managed to make up nearly half of the market share is impressive. One of the primary reasons for their success was that the Phablets (a device that is part the phone and part tablet) had a vast improvement this year, from year’s past.  In 2014, Phablets only made up 4% of the devices sold from Apple in December. This year it made up 27%.

The other device manufacturing company that has the right to feel jolly is Samsung, which came in 2nd place by making up 19.8% of the market share. This was a small increase from last year where they made up 17%. The  company that had the biggest disappointment was Microsoft who’s sales dropped 5.8%, and only made up a minuscule 2% of the market share.

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