Apple Stock News: The New Apple Watch

Apple Stock News

Apple Stock News

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) finally launched its Apple Watch in April, 2015 after revealing in September 2014 during the product launch event. Although the device has generally failed to meet expectations, it is generally believed to be the most popular smartwatch by a very large margin.

The first generation of the Apple Watch is an incredible watch; it looks nice and watchOS is easy to use. The bad news is that the product is far from perfect, the good news is that as Apple si going to improve it in the next generations, this should increase demand for the smartwatch.

The general believe is that Apple will deliver a big improvement in both processing and graphics performance, which should open up more sophisticated and ultimately richer usage models.

The current generation Apple Watch processor is made from Samsung’s 28-nanometer low power process. The next  step would be for the giant tech company to change  to 14/16-nanometer manufacturing technologies from Samsung and/or TSMC, respectively.

Such a transition would buy Apple’s chip teams two things. First, transistors with improve performance and power characteristics. This means that if Apple were to simply take the current S1 design and migrate it to new transistor technology, it would likely be able to realize a big boost in performance.

Now, although the change to a next generation transformation process is very important, we need to say that Apple is going to make design improvements.

Apple is also rumored to be manufacturing and including a camera into the next generation Apple Watch, so integrating a dedicated image signal processor to handle image capture and processing in an efficient manner may also be in the cards.

2016 which is right around the corner could be a big year for them.


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