Apple News: Apple Watch Price Falling

Apple News

apple newsBest Buy and Target are now offering $100 discounts on the Apple Watch, spurring speculation that a new version of the wearable technology is on the way.

Sales of the Apple watch have been on a slow decline for awhile now, as some critics say they enjoy the device, but they don’t believe its worth its high value. As of now the cheapest model of the Apple Watch is worth $249.

In general Apple is usually strict on pricing, so for them to allow such a strong discount is unusual. The discount means that either Best Buy and Target  willing to forgo the supply of Apple Watches, or that they realize that a new model is coming out soon.

The only reason why there is some doubt as to whether a new model may  come out is that the their is a lack of competition. While there is the Android Wear, both watches are simply seen as accessories the iPhone and the android. This means the competition is still simply between the phones, not the watches.

Apple analysts say that if a new modle does come out, it will come in March or April

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