Apple Stock News: Apple Music Announce 15 Million Users

Apple Stock News

Apple launched its flagship music sharing service as little as three months ago, and with is offered every user a three-month trial period. Tim Cook’s promotional strategy has seemed to have paid off as the service now boats an impressive 15 million user base, out which 6.5 million are paying customer. Cook released this information at the WSJDLive, The Wall Street Journal’s global technology conference.

Apple Stock News

Eddy Cue, who is shadowing the roll-out of the project, said in August that 11 million people were on the trail version, thus according to the figures released, 60% have chosen to extend the trail period and sign up for the paid service. Apple Music still has a long road ahead if it plans to be a market leader in the field, in comparison Spotify, the current leading music streaming service, has 75 million active users and 20 million subscribers.

Cook also used this opportunity to announce that a new version of Apple TV will start shipping at the end of next week. He said that the new device lays the foundation to change the TV viewing experience—even though Apple hasn’t secured all the content deals necessary to match the offerings of cable and satellite providers.

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