Apple Stock News: Apple And Cisco To Partner Up

Apple Stock News

Apple and Cisco have partner up in a deal which aims to bring apple products, such as iPhones and iPads to business user.

The deal, which was announced on Monday, is aimed at interweaving Apple devices more effectively on corporate networks, where Cisco gear is widely used. Furthermore, the two also plan to jointly work on technology to help workers with iPhones and iPads, better exploit Cisco’s collaboration products, including its video- and Web-conferencing services.


Apple Stock News

The deal can help boost the sales of iPads which have fallen for six straight quarters. Revenue from the device has declined by 24% in the nine months ended June 27, compared with the same period a year earlier. On the other side of the spectrum, the deal would also prove beneficial to Cisco. As the supplier of networking equipment would gain more market share by teaming up with big industry players such as Apple.

The two company do have a horrid history, Cisco sued Apple for violating its trademark of the “iPhone” back in 2000 when Cisco acquired the name as it was developing its own device would have access to the internet beyond the traditional PC.

It is thought that collaborations  between Apple CEO Tim Cook and Cisco Chairman John Chambers, took approximately 10 months. Similarity to the recent partnership with IBM, Apple’s strategy is to push into the enterprise and expand the business related collaboration partnerships. However, Cook was quick to outline the difference of the two deals saying “We view our partnership and offerings as complementary to the Apple and IBM offerings. Our offerings will be yet another step in delivering on our vision for transforming how people work. We’re partnering with the leader in consumer technology with the biggest mobile platform to tackle some of the most pressing problems that businesses face today and help bring it to life.”

Regarding the current deal with Cisco Mr Cook said “It became clear to me that partnering with Cisco would yield the results that would enable us to transform work,” While Mr. Chambers  said “We are going to talk about a new generation of partnerships,”.

It is unlikely we will see any Apple-Cisco related goods come September 9th, which is the date Apple is expected to unveil its next wave of iPhones and iPads.

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