AAPL Stock News: Second Apple Watch Coming Next Year

AAPL Stock News

After releasing the first version of the Apple Watch in April, the company is apparently waiting until May or June of 2016, or possibly later, according to predictions from Cowen and Company. The company called for 18 million devices to be sold by the end of 2015, which offers an optimistic outlook for next year.

aapl stock news

A common complaint about the current Apple Watch is that the battery life is not long enough. Apple has been willing to sacrifice battery performance for a thinner design for its computers and iPhones, but it might not be willing to do so for the wearable device as a 24 hour battery is important for consumers. Very few details of the watch have emerged so far, but it is supposed to run native apps and have faster performance than the previous model.

The Cowen and Company forecast had called for at least 45 million devices to be sold by the end of 2015, but that number might be too pessimistic based on the strength of the data in 2015. With a follow up not expected until late 2016, this kind of performance would call for the new device having significant improvements and more vital apps for consumers.

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