Apple Stock News: Wi-Fi Additions To The New iOS

Apple Stock News

Apple’s new iOS will have two new Wi-Fi related features: Wi-Fi Calling and Wi-Fi Assist. Although the features are currently only available for the iOS 9 beta, it is likely that it will be fully integrated into the final version of the software, which is scheduled to be released by the end of the month.

apple stock news

Wi-Fi Calling

This feature will allow you to make calls over a Wi-Fi network rather than a cellular connection, in turn allowing for a more stable calling connection. In essence, that means that when your cell phone reception is poor, your phone will connect to a better performing Wi-Fi network and thus the phone call will be made through Wi-Fi.  The service will make calls more efficient, especially in areas where your carrier service is slow or unreliable.

Wi-Fi Assist

The second Wi-Fi feature introduced to the new iOS is called Wi-Fi Assist. This new addition allows your phone to switch between Wi-Fi and cellular connection depending on which service is performing better. In the current iOS  your phone automatically uses Wi-Fi (if available) and you have to manually turn it off to switch to cellular data. With Wi-Fi Assist, your iPhone will do this automatically when the network connection is poor.


The new iOS is said to focus on the smaller things which make a big difference. Apple’s new tweaks will focus on improving security, stability, and Apple incorporated apps such as Siri.

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