Apple Stock News: Rumored Features For Newest Apple TV

Apple Stock News

It has long been believed that Apple would be releasing its new Apple TV during the company’s fall event, now confirmed to be on September 9th. This update was expected to include a cable streaming package that could change the way people watch television. This service is not expected to be ready, as Apple is still negotiating with cable providers about prices. That led many to wonder what would be included in the new Apple TV, and a report from Tech Crunch might reveal what to expect.

apple stock news

Matthew Panzarino published an update on Tech Crunch about what the newest Apple TV features, including a heavily refined interface that will put all other smart televisions to shame. Apple management has called the Apple TV a hobby for years since it was introduced in 2007, but that should change with this version of the device. It will also include an App Store, a new remote that will rival a Wii remote, and an A8 VR Graphics chip that will make the device’s capabilities similar to that of the Playstation 3 or Xbox 360.

With all of these compelling parts, including a voice-controlled Siri used through the remote, the Apple TV will dominate content in the living room. This will increase the company’s negotiating position with the content providers for the slimmed down cable package that the device will eventually support. With a smart tv that can play a part in gaming, control the living room, and provide cable, Apple has played its cards on its attempt to revolutionize the television viewing experience.

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