Apple Stock News: Apple’s Smart Bands For Their Smart Watch

Apple Stock News

Adding more exclusivity and uniqueness to the Apple smart watch, Apple are rumored to introduce a range of smart bands for its digital watch.  The bands are said to include more features which will be interrogated to the Apple watch. Furthermore, it is said the band will also increase battery life.

Apple Bands


A large amount of research and development has said to have gone into the bands, which are reported to be released later this year.  The report says that the band will be able to measure blood oxygen, respiratory rate, blood pressure, and body temperature. The company are looking to further dominate the market with other competitors such as Pebble’s smart watch gaining more market share. In fact, Pebble has pledged up to $1 million in support for startups who want to add extra features to its own watch.
The new smart bands are said to be taking advantage of the secret diagnostic port built into every timepiece but which isn’t accessible to the average consumer. Although, there has not been an official announcement from Apple about the state-of-the-art bands, it is likely Apple bands will have some sort of functionality. The e company knows that if it doesn’t provide this kind of functionality for its smartwatch, other outfits outpace them in the market.

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