Apple Stock News: A Lot Of Questions To Be Asked Behind The One-Month Old Apple Music

Apple Stock News

At the end of June Apple finally launched its Spotify-like streaming music service Apple Music. Alongside that, the company entered a whole new territory by releasing a youth-oriented 24/7 streaming Internet radio station called Beats One. It is being broadcasted from California, London and New York, and is featuring a host of stars, led by Zane Lowe. Users can try the service for free during a three-month trial period.

Apple Stock News

However, it cannot be said that the first month passed very smoothly. On Apple Support Forums, users have been complaining about all sorts of things. Outages have kept them from accessing their music libraries, random songs have been added to devices, the service has more than a few bugs, and the user interface has been described as rather confusing.

The least we can say is that it has been a rough start for Apple Music; however, Apple still has quite some time to fix all its issues and gets things right before users are forced to pay the monthly fee of $9.99. Moreover, there has also been some positive reviews regarding certain aspects of the service. Siri’s integration looks very promising and users are amazed by its musical expertise and broad array of suggestions.

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