AAPL Stock News: Lower iPad Sales Shifts Focus To Workplace Technology

AAPL Stock News

Apple is currently working with over 40 companies to make the iPad a more appealing device for business. iPad sales have been lacking in recent quarters, with persistent declines in sales growth. Apple has traditionally been focused on the consumer market, revolutionizing the computer and smart phone markets for consumers. For the iPad, it is hoping that focusing on the workplace technology market will increase sales.

aapl stock news

Apple has never been a big player in the workplace technology market in the past, which receives $2 trillion in annual spending. It now hopes to become a bigger player in the market by changing the nature of work to include more mobile devices, an area that Apple has an advantage in, which will turn around the performance of the iPad. To enter into the workplace, Apple is working with a number of other companies, many of them rather small, to create apps for things like accounting and sales.

The initiative to get iPads into businesses is quite secretive, as all new programs for Apple are. Referred to as the mobility partner program, or MPP, the initiative is the latest step in increasing iPad sales in business, following the partnership with IBM to create custom iPad apps that could work across industries. All of the partners have not yet been revealed, but small business owners who have used Apple’s products and its partners’ apps have been impressed with the individual attention, showing the importance the future workplace technology market will play on tablets and mobile devices going forward.

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