Apple Stock News: Steve Jobs – The Movie

On July 1st, the trailer for the much anticipated Steve Jobs movie was released. In it, director Danny Boyle,

Steve Jobsattempts to portray the way Steve Jobs transformed Apple (AAPL) from a small personal computer business into the world’s most valuable company in less than forty years.

The short three minute trailer has created a frenzy in both the movie and high-tech world accumulating 1.5 million views  on YouTube in less than twenty-four hours.

Michael Fassbender’s portrays portrayal of Steve Jobs has inevitably led critics to compare and contrast his portrayal with the way Jesse Eisneberg portrays Facebook’s (FB) Mark Zuckerberg in `The Social Network`. Not just because of the sheer similarities shared between their success stories, but because of the way both directors have attempted to depict the respective founders dark side too.

In the short clip (below), one can watch Jobs unveiling his three iconic products . The trailer highlights Job’s confrontations with his Apple colleagues preceding the launch of the Macintosh computers, the incident in which he was ousted from Apple by the board of directors, and the controversial way in which he and his ex-girlfriend had major disputes over the paternity of his daughter, Lisa.

The movie is set to be released on October 9th and the debate as to whether Fassbenger’s portrayal of Jobs is accurate or fair will undoubtedly follow shortly after.

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