Apple Stock News: Apple Watch Coming To Best Buy

Apple Stock News

The Apple Watch will be made available in Best Buy stores starting in August. The newest product line from the tech giant was only available in the online store after first being launched as the company placed an emphasis on meeting the initial demand from pre-orders. After making the wearable device available in Apple stores in June, the Apple Watch will be sold in 100 Best Buy stores starting August 7th, expanding to 300 stores before the holiday shopping season.

apple stock news

Expanding the availability of the Apple Watch is the next step in the rollout of the first product launch since CEO Tim Cook took over the company. The company has limited distribution of the device as initial demand was greater than the company had expected. After being made available online on April 24th, the device was then made available in Apple retail stores in mid-June. Apple has not yet revealed any sales data, instead listing the product under “Other” with products such as the Apple TV, iPod, and Beats headphones.

Reports surfaced in the last month that sales were slowing down, something that Cook flatly denied during the most recent earnings report. The reports relied on customers’ emails to track orders, and these declined when the Apple Watch was made available in retail stores. Cook claimed that sales increased in June when it was made available in stores and that the company would increase the number of locations where the product could be bought. Already available in 19 countries, the Apple Watch will also be introduced into Russia, Turkey, and New Zealand this week.

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