Apple Stock News: More Details Leaked on Upcoming iphone 7

Apple Stock News


Apple Stock NewsIn the never ending saga that is Apple news, reports out of Apple’s Taiwan manufacturing center claim that Apple is working on a dual-lens camera for the forthcoming iphone 7. Along with Apple’s divide and conquer strategy, Apple has acquired LinX imaging and recruited their craftsmen to construct the camera. Believe it or not, but Apple was having problems with the development of the camera and still has problems like a blur due to misaligned lenses.

With the LinX acquisition comes a lot of buzz; LinX is a high tech startup and has dedicated substantial time and resources in improving sensors for smartphones. This means that the iphone 7 could see a camera that can focus a shot after it is taken, and a sensor that can provide accurate measurements to a 3D object. LinX has a few more wild cards up its sleeve, with promising technology to erase (or at least curb) crosstalk, which proves annoying even for users of the fabled Apple smartphones.

It is highly possible that the iphone 7 will show a greater leap in technological improvements than the 6 did. Rumors of wireless charging, USB connector, OLED display and much more surface on the world wide wed more and more frequently. It is almost a foregone conclusion that the 7 will not be coming out in 2015, which gives Apple plenty of time to tease loyal fans and followers with tidbits of information of another grand handful of metal and plastic that will lead us into the new age.

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