AAPL News: WWDC Starts Tomorrow


Apple’s annual event, the World Wide Developers Conference, starts tomorrow in San Francisco. One of the biggest stories circulating about the event before it starts is the absence of an Apple TV announcement, that is no longer expected to be revealed because the device is not ready to be shown to the public. While there will not be a new Apple TV, there is plenty to be excited about, headlined by a ramped up music service that will offer competition to rivals Spotify and Pandora.

aapl news

CEO Tim Cook is expected to reveal the new Apple Music service that will become available to iPhone users at the end of the month, and that will eventually even be offered to Android users. The service will provide streaming at a competitive cost to other services like Spotify, while Apple works to get exclusive partnerships with major labels and managers to differentiate their service. Radio will also factor heavily into the new service, complete with celebrity DJs.

Besides the music streaming service, Apple is also expected to introduce upgraded operating systems, both for its Mac computers and its mobile devices. For mobile devices, the upgrade is rumored to include the ability to run two apps on the screen at the same time. Cook will also introduce a rewards system for Apple Pay to encourage Apple users to use the service, while updates on Apple Watch apps will be given as well.

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