AAPL News: Apple Watch Not A Big Hit, Yet


Since the Apple Watch was released, it has been generally perceived as the best smart watch out on the market. While this consensus still seems to be true, a survey from research firm UserTesting found that while people like the device, their reaction was not overwhelming and they wouldn’t recommend it to other people. The main issue with the device is the third-party apps, which were slower and less-reliable than built in apps.

aapl news

UserTesting used open-ended questions with 52 Apple Watch users and found that only 38% of them would recommend it to their peers. This was far from overwhelming, as users complained about the poor performance of the device and how the third party apps were mostly useless. Apple has already addressed ways to fix some of the issues at its World Wide Developers Conference last week, releasing a new operating system that allows for native apps and giving app developers more access to internal sensors and features of the watch.

While there were major issues with the Apple Watch for the users surveyed, there were some things that they liked. Step counting and fitness tracker goals were the most frequently cited as being useful, while users also identified the notifications through haptic vibration as a good feature. Michael Mace, the VP of UserTesting, said the results were not overwhelming, but were a solid start for Apple to build off of. Apple will be able to modify and build the watch based off of what is useful to users, much like they did with the iPhone in the past.

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