AAPL News: Advantages Apple Has In Music Streaming


At the World Wide Developers Conference on Monday, Apple’s biggest reveal was saved for last. The music streaming service Apple Music was finally revealed, and it will be made available to customers on June 30th. So far, the service has been met with skepticism, as analysts are unsure of whether it will be able to overtake competitors and dominate the market. Apple has some advantages over the others, however, and should be able to succeed because of them.

aapl news

The first advantage is the overall size of Apple’s music library, which is much larger than that of its rivals in the market. Apple has approximately 37 million songs in its music library, while Spotify and Google Play only have 30 million songs. Other rivals Tidal and Pandora only have 25 million and 1.5 million songs, respectively. Apple’s customer base is also huge compared to rivals, and if it can get a single digit percentage to convert to streaming, it can double the streaming market.

This is where the company’s customer loyalty and brand image will play a part. Apple’s marketing to its core customers has been extremely effective in the past. Apple customers tend to have multiple devices, including Apple computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc. Getting them to adopt the music streaming service is well within reason. Apple also has introduced a family plan, where up to six members can share an account for only an extra $5.00.

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