Apple Stock News: Q2 Earnings Preview

Apple Stock News

Apple will release its second quarter earnings report on Monday, and analysts have been raising their estimates ahead of the results being released. While the Apple Watch was officially released this week, this has little to do with the optimistic sentiment around the company, as sales will mostly show up next quarter and will not have a huge effect on revenue at first. Instead, the iPhone 6 is expected to do much better than previously expected, driven by foreign markets including China.

Apple Stock News


During the second quarter of the fiscal year, iPhone sales have been subdued globally in the past. However, this is not expected to be the case during the current quarter, as Apple had adequate supply of the new iPhones in time for the Asian New Year. Strong sales in Brazil, India, and especially China.

The Chinese New Year shopping season occurs in February, making it the best quarter in that country for Apple. iPhone sales rose 70% last quarter, and the increase could be even greater this quarter. China could become the biggest market for the iPhone in the world, overtaking the US. The New Year shopping season, China Mobile’s rapid 4G user additions and an improved supply-demand balance of the iPhone 6 will help the iPhone and Apple beat expectations for the second straight quarter.

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