Apple Stock News: iPhone 6 ‘Fundamentally Different’

Apple Stock News

According to a research note from Piper Jaffray, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models will not go through the lull that previous models’ sales have gone through in the June and September reports, as this model is ‘fundamentally different’ than previous Apple devices. With a larger screen and more success in international markets, this version of the smart phone should have higher than expected sales throughout 2015.

apple stock news


The iPhone has always followed a one-year lifecycle since the release of the original version. A new device is released during the fourth quarter as part of the holiday season, when there is an explosion in demand that outpaces supply. Demand then falls in the first quarter, and tails off throughout the rest of the year until a new version is released. But the newest iPhones are different and will not see the same falloff during the rest of the year.

The larger screen size has allowed the iPhone to have more success in international markets, such as South Korea. Samsung had previously dominated this market, and no other smartphone company had been able to get more than a 15% market share, but Apple now has 33% of the market. That figure is rising fast, and similar trends are happening elsewhere. The success of the smartphone suggests potential sales of as many as 250 million smartphones in 2016.

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