Apple Stock News: New Music Streaming Service Will Be Apple’s First Android App

Apple Stock News

Apple is currently working on a brand new music streaming service that will compete with Spotify. The service will include features and technology of Beats Music, which it acquired several months ago. Rumors are that the service will cost $7.99 a month, undercutting Spotify, and Apple will build a version of the app for Android, the first time it will do so.

apple stock news

While the service will continue a number of features from Beats Music, it will not be a simple rebranding. The interface will be completely redesigned by Apple, with the black and red color scheme having already been changed. The Beats Music accounts will be merged with Apple ID profiles, and the service will include a new search feature that can look through both Beats Music and iTunes’ catalog.

Apple’s intent to build its first Android app is big news. In the past, the company would discontinue the Android version of apps it acquired like it did with HopStop. Apple CEO Tim Cook said that building an app for Android would be a possibility back in 2013, if it made sense to do so. Since Android has such a large market share of the smartphone market, it makes sense for Apple to build one if it wants to build up a strong user base for the streaming app.

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