Apple Stock News: Apple Gets Action Camera Patent

Apple was granted a patent on Tuesday for an action camera with a remote control. The application was made to the US Patent and Trademark Office in 2012 by Kodak, but Apple has since acquired much of the company’s intellectual property, including this patent. The patent says that an upcoming Apple action camera could be mounted to a scuba mask, bicycle helmet, or surfboard. It also depicts a remote control which appears to be worn like a watch, from which the camera can be turned off and on.

apple stock news
Such a device would compete directly with GoPro’s range of cameras, whose shares fell over 12% after the patent was revealed. The Apple patent even criticized GoPro cameras for only being able to shoot videos from the front, and that the shape of the cameras make it more susceptible to wind resistance and vibration.  The patent aims to differentiate the product from others like GoPro’s by offering users a range of choices as to how to shoot with the device, including via a wrist-mounted control device. The system also has multiple camera sensors to cover multiple angles, and to provide coverage in multiple directions.

Consumers should not be expecting to see an Apple action camera too soon, as Apple patents an abundance of tech, most of which does not make it to the market as a consumer product. However, this product could potentially work well with the Apple Watch, expected to hit the US market early this year. If it does hit the market, it could be a potential new revenue stream worth watching, and the technology included in the patent could help some other products like the camera for the iPhone.


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